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thelocovaquero: Flutters, how exactly did you endo up with those scars on your eye?

what are you talking about?(i barely checked tumblr)

she doesn’t have scars except for my POSSIBLY new version of here and i don’t remember properly uploading it

back from the dead

ok guys so I got a new laptop (my father was useful for once) so I’ll try working on this blog and streaming stuff and all that shit

who wants to come to a stream? I could do some customs cause summer boredom

Anonymous: When do you plan on rebooting your tumblr?

When I get a laptop

Anonymous: I think starting over would be great!

Thanks anon
When I start over I’m gonna make fluttershy a little different

Anonymous: Mod: Which of the mane 6 do you feel represents you best?

Well I think fluttershy represents me the most when I’m in class at school, I’m that quiet and shy girl in class that’s too scared to talk to anyone
But with my friends I’m pinkie pie, I’m bubbly and funny until I feel left out
I’m pinkamena when I’m left out

Possible deletion/starting over

I’m deeply sorry for my inactivity
But I think this blog went down into the gutter…..
I’m not gonna bother doing anything anymore
I might delete this account when I get a laptop or start it over with something else
This blog was nice while it lasted
But let’s face it, it’s a useless failure
I’m saving money for a laptop now since I seriously need one
Sadly I’m bad at saving money
I only have about $30 to my name
But anyways yeah this blog is deserted and will possibly not start up again soon
Have a nice day

Hey guys….

I’m sorry for the inactivity
But I haven’t even getting questions
And I have been dealing with so much
I’m currently saving for a laptop so then I can do more stuff
But there’s a possibility that askignoredfluttershy is dying and will end soon
So ya
Sorry guys

I haven’t been active on here and I’m focused on something else so here
Have my flutters that I drew on my ankle
Anonymous: How was your birthday?

One of the only best friends that I have left from elementary hurt me
He promised and swore on his life that he’d be there at lunch
But he wasn’t there
Then all he does is text me “sorry” then after I told him I didn’t believe him he told me that him and I should “stop this”
I screamed and cried in the bathroom for 30 minutes
Plus my grandparents where being jerks
So yeah
My birthday was terrible
But atleast I have a wonderful boyfriend and I got my school schedule fixed(the school mixed it around)
This is why I’m never positive, it never makes a difference and people are terrible to me

Note to self:always prepare for a bad birthday even though it starts out great

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